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The Floor Escape Reloaded

The Floor Escape Reloaded

The Floor Escape Reloaded l Version: 1.3 | Size: 17.05MB Developers: The Floor Escape | Language: English Introducing one of the most addictive “Room Escape” puzzle game for Android. Solve the enigmas and open the door to escape from the collapsing skyscraper. Features: – 100 floors available!!! – One of the best door exit game available for ANDROID – Completely free – Mini escape games which are perfect to kill your free time -…

100 Zombies 2 – Room Escape

100 Zombies 2 - Room Escape

100 Zombies 2 – Room Escape l Version: 1.0.1 | Size: 18.94MB Developers: Touchportal Games | Language:English ★★★ The sequel of the big success of 100 Zombies ★★★ The zombies are back! After 80 fantastic level, 100 Zombies 2 go on level 81 and has at the beginning 40 room escape levels. More levels are coming soon to this new room escape game. If you like 100 Zombies, you will like 100 Zombies 2. 100 Zombi…

World of Anargor – 3D RPG (Unlimited Money) v1.0mod

World of Anargor - 3D RPG (Unlimited Money) v1.0mod

…9 new items, 1 new magics.*** At Level 7 – 5 main quests, 0 bonus quests, 4 new items, 1 new magics.*** At Level 8 – 10 main quests, 3 bonus quests, 3 new items, 1 new magics.*** At Level 9 – 3 main quests, 1 bonus quests, 3 new items, 0 new magics. —– IN GAME EXPERIENCE —– *** Excellent fantasy 3D RPG game*** Powered by Unity3D engine*** Travel through the realistic world with magnificent graphics and…

Escape Back to Planet Earth

Escape Back to Planet Earth

Puzzle Games Today, 00:02 Escape Back to Planet Earth l Version: 1.0.33 | Size: 22.59MB Developers: Best Escape The Room Games | Language:English One moment, you’re sleeping peacefully in your room, the next, you suddenly find yourself waking up in an alien spaceship! You must escape your captor’s grasp and find your way out! Use every object you can find! Get to the escape shuttle and Escape Back to Planet Earth! Escape Bac…

Tutorial + Video Dark Avenger Hack Gold, Xp, HP, MP, Weapon and Armor

…[Temporary] !!!DO NOT USE IN PVP. YOU WILL GET BANNED!!! !OK TO USE IN THE INFINITY TOWER! Note: Getting a level up during a level will make this hack stop working because it resets your actual HP/MP amount, but it will work again the next level. Use the EXP hack to get to Max Level then this hack will work with no problem. HP Hack Got To “Inventory” Look at your HP Amount, “Search it”{i.e. If your HP is 800, searc…

Compass Level Tool

Experience most accurate compass and level tools on the one screen.Now you are an expert placing a furniture, putting a shelf, hanging a frame by yourself.This is one of the most accurate tools.Tips. To get more accuracy, calibrate once.** Usage1. When you place a furniture, you can check the direction and level.2. When you put up a shelf or hang a frame, you can check level.3. When you get lost on travelling, you can find direction on compass….

Moy – Escape Game

Moy - Escape Game

Puzzle Games Yesterday, 16:34 Moy – Escape Game l Version: 1.11 | Size: 6.19MB Developers: Frojo Apps | Language: English Moy – Escape Game Cute little alien Moy is back again! In this new Moy game you have to help Moy escape from different worlds by solving challenging puzzles! Can you solve all the challenging puzzles and help Moy escape the rooms? Join Moy in an Action filled adventure and travel through different worlds and en…

Noir Escape

Noir Escape

Puzzle Games Yesterday, 13:09 Noir Escape l Version: 1.0.2 | Size: 4.22MB Developers: | Language: English Noir escape is an escape the room game, it features 3d pre-rendered graphics, with animations rendered as video. The entire game is styled in the manner of old noir movies. You play a private detective that has been trapped in a competitors office. Using a slick adventure style point n’ click interface you need t…

Rope Escape

[Android] Top Free Games

…up CATEGORY:  Arcade & Action SIZE: 14  MB PRICE:  Free Description : Addictive high thrills escape game in the midst of the jungle!  Catapult yourself deep into the heart of the jungle and use your rope to swing through the trees high into the sky. Escape the chasing savages by swinging not only from the trees but from rocks originally intended for you;  Swing high enough and use the zeppelins to swing even higher f…

Level Up: Heroes of Neverfail

Level Up: Heroes of Neverfail

…Fight Maldark’s minions using an intuitive control system and enjoy amazing 3D graphics. Choose any one of the three main members of NeverFail, each with their own style of combat and unique skills. Face up to Maldark’s most powerful followers in epic end of level battles. Explore the most familiar places in the series while you come up against all kinds of dangerous (and sometimes hilarious) creatures who have escaped from the virtua…

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